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Finland in Cold Response 2020

On 9th-19th March 2020, the Finnish Army will participate in the winter exercise Cold Response 2020 led by the Norwegian Armed Forces in the region of Troms in Northern Norway. Participation in the exercise enhances Finnish Army troop capability, execution capability and readiness in operating in arctic and multinational operating domains.

Finland will participate in the exercise Cold Response 2020 in Northern Norway / Picture: Finnish MoD

Altogether 400 persons, including conscripts serving in the readiness unit and service personnel, will partake in the exercise. The main equipment of the exercise troops will consist of Leopard 2A4 main battle tanks (MBTs). The participating troops will be mainly from the Jaeger Brigade and Kainuu Brigade. The exercise involves validating the international collaborating and operating capability of the conscripts undertaking military training. Furthermore, the event will develop the Army’s readiness in receiving and providing host nation support as well as in massing and concentrating troops on the area of operation and at home garrisons.

A planned part of the bilateral cooperation between Finland and Norway as well as of the deepening defence cooperation between Finland and Sweden, participation in the exercise Cold Response 2020 improves interoperability between Finland, Sweden and Norway in the arctic operational domain in demanding cold-weather winter conditions.

Bsed on a press release from the Finnish MoD

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