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500 Jelcz trucks for Poland

Armament Inspectorate began negotiations in regards to a 3-year contract (2017-2019), concerning supply of 500 high-mobility, medium-capacity Jelcz 442.32 trucks. These are to be supplied together with logistics and training packages. Contract includes purchase of 97 vehicles, with an option to buy further 403.

First, 5-year contract, for delivery of 910 Jelcz 442.32 was signed by Ministry of Defense on the 29th of November 2013. It amounts to 674 mln PLN. Production started in July 2014 and last Jelcz from this batch are expected to arrive in the Army in 2018 / Photo: Remigiusz Wilk

So far, Polish Army, purchased 476 of Jelcz 442.32 in general service version and 117 in communication/NCBR (Nuclear, Chemical, Biological, Radiological) versions. Logistics package (spare parts and diagnostic equipment) and training package (training materials and personnel courses) were also part of the previous contract.

Jelcz 442.32 is a two-axle, 4x4 vehicle, destined to replace worn out Star trucks. Vehicles can be supplied in various configurations, including, but not limited to, general service type and specialized communications type. GVW is 16 tons and load carrying capacity can be 4-6 tons, depending on the version. Vehicle is propelled by militarized MTU engine, developing 240 kW.

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