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MILMAG - The Military MagazineSpike LR will defend the Suwalki Gap area - MILMAG - The Military Magazine

Spike LR will defend the Suwalki Gap area

Soldiers of the 14th anti-tank regiment in Suwalki conducted the first training exercise with the use of Spike LR precision guided, anti-tank missile systems, which the unit was recently armed with. The training was organised at the Artillery and Armaments Training Centre in Torun.

The 14th anti-tank regiment in Suwalki was armed with Spike LR precision guided tactical missiles / Picture: Polish MoDThe 14th anti-tank regiment in Suwalki, which was reintroduced into service in recent years, will play a decisive role in protecting the Norther-Eastern parts of Poland and confronting enemy forces advancing from the East, in case any real conflict would emerge.

Therefore, equipping the unit with the Spike LR precision guided, anti-tank missile systems is considered to be the first step on the path to transform it into a 21st century fighting force, capable of providing the required level of defensive capabilities.

The regiment is also expected to receive in the future a number of tracked or wheeled tank destroyers, which the Polish Ministry of Defense intends to procure under the ongoing ‘Ottokar-Brzoza’ programme (Great interest in the Polish tank-destroyer programme, 2020-01-21). They will replace the currently operated, BRDM-2 armoured vehicles, equipped with 9P133 Malutka-P anti-tank missile systems, which no longer meet the requirements of the modern battlefield due to their obsolescence.

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