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The first RPP delivered to the Polish Army

Delivery of the first Portable Patrol Robot (Robot Patrolowo Przenośny, RPP) was announced yesterday by the robot’s manufacturer, the Warsaw-based Lukasiewicz – PIAP (Industrial Institute for Automatics and Measurements) Institute as well as its future user, the Polish Ministry of Defense (MoD). In fact the handover ceremony took place last week.

The Lukasiewicz – PIAP Institute has recently delivered the first RPP mobile EOD robot to the Polish Army / Picture: Lukasiewicz - PIAP Institute

Under the terms of the agreement signed in November 2018, the Polish Army will receive 35 RPP mobile EOD robots, including 18 which will be delivered this year. The final batch of 17 robots will be handed over in 2021. The contract has a value of nearly 81 million Polish Zloty (€19 million).

The RPP robot will support a number of missions, such as localization, identification and neutralization of improvised explosive devices (IED) or other hazardous loads and materials. RPPs will be delivered with a full mission set, which means that they will be equipped with sensors for visual reconnaissance of objects and items, mine and hazardous material detection devices, mass destruction weapon usage sensors and toxic chemicals usage sensors or explosives launcher for remote neutralization. Tracks and electric drive will allow RPP to operate both in urban and rugged terrain.

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