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Slovakia chooses Spike LR2 ATGM

5th of March in Tel Aviv, the Slovak Ministry of Defence has signed a contract with Eurospike (a European Joint Venture between Rafael Advanced Defence Systems Ltd., Diehl Defence, and Rheinmetall Electronics) for the supply of the  5th generation SPIKE LR2 ATGM and dismounted advanced ICLU launchers (Integrated Control Launch Units). 

Slovakia is 19th SPIKE missile user among EU and NATO countries

According to the MILMAG sources, Slovak armed forces will gain  hundreds of missiles and dozens of ICLU's as a part of the contract worth tens of millions of Euros. The current deal will provide launchers and missiles designated for the Slovak infantry. The procurement was carried out through the NATO Support & Procurement Agency (NSPA).

Spike LR2 / Video and photo: Rafael

SPIKE LR2 is a 5th generation, multi-platform, multi-mission and multi-range electro-optical missile, with enhanced standoff range of 5.5 km, fire & forget capabilities as well as man-in-the-loop features, such as retargeting mid-flight, attack of hidden targets beyond-line–of-sight, as well as the ability to launch to non-line-of-sight targets based solely on their geo-coordinates.

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