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COVID-19: Polish Army will support police force

The Minister of Defense, Mariusz Blaszczak, signed an order allowing the use of all available resources of the Polish Army, including selected units of the operational structure, to support the country’s police force. Starting from 19th March the Army will assist the civilian security institutions in keeping the country safe and running during the time of crisis.

The Polish Army will use its resources in order to support Polish police force in keeping the country and society safe during the coronavirus crisis / Picture: Polish MoD

The Ministry of Defense (MoD) will still have to determine, which resources, including manpower and equipment, will be allocated to support the police in fulfilling its duties. The department has also yet to decide how long will the Army be involved in such actions. However, this decision will be taken in consultation with the Ministry of the Interior and Administration, which controls the police force.

Furthermore, minister Blaszczak also announced, that to this day more than 2100 soldiers have already been involved in the protection of the country’s borders, which were closed due to the pandemic, as well as to support the institutions subordinate to the Ministry of Interior. This includes soldiers of the Territorial Defense Force as well as the Military Police and Engineer Forces.

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