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Launch operations resume at the CSG

As operations resume at the Guiana Space Centre (CSG), the first teams set to undertake preparations for Vega flight VV16 arrived in French Guiana on Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th May. In all, 100 personnel are expected.

Launch operations resume at the Guiana Space Centre. Personnel arrives for Vega flight VV16 / Picture: ESA / CNES / Arianespace

Each individual will be following the strict health protocols established with the Prefecture of French Guiana and the Regional Health Agency ARS to protect the health and safety of the population and employees working at the launch base. These will involve a 14-day quarantine and screening before departure, further medical screening on disembarking at Félix Eboué Airport and a 14-day quarantine on arrival in a hotel in Kourou. This quarantine period has already started for the first 80 arrivals earlier this week.

During the lockdown, satellites at the CSG have been safely stowed. The aim of these first weeks back at the base is to restore them to launch configuration and run health tests. To limit the number of personnel on site, CNES is providing a specific communication structure to enable satellite managers unable to come to French Guiana to perform their tasks remotely.

All operations will be conducted in strict accordance with safety measures updated during the lockdown in response to the evolving health crisis, placing strong emphasis on transmission reduction measures, social distancing and wearing of face masks where required.

Vega flight VV16 is currently scheduled to depart mid-June.

Based on a press release from CNES

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