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SISU GTP for the Finnish Army

The Ministry of Defense (MoD) of Finland informed that country’s Army will acquire six Sisu GTP 4x4 all-terrain vehicles for testing. They will be equipped according to Finnish Defense Forces configuration. Field trials should be finalized in 2021.

The Finnish Army will acquire armoured SISU GTP 4x4 all-terrain vehicles for test use / Photo by: Sisu Auto

The Finnish Army seeks to acquire information on the capability and operability of the Sisu GTP 4x4 vehicle with regard to Defence Forces’ mobility requirements for future operation conducted in Finland and on foreign crisis management missions.

The decision to procure Sisu GTP 4x4 vehicles was taken by the Defence Forces Logistics Command on 4th June. The total value of the acquisition contact is approx. €3.8 million. Deliveries should take place in 2021.

In late 2018 the MoD of Latvia announced its decision to acquire a number of Sisu GTP vehicles in the result of an open, international tender for a series of medium high-mobility armoured 4x4 tactical vehicles. However, shortly after the department informed that the acquisition was cancelled and a new procurement procedure was expected to be launched soon (Latvia modernizes its vehicle fleet, 2019-04-20).

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