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Deliveries of L-39NG to Senegal delayed

The Africa Intelligence news portal informed that deliveries of four L-39NG advanced trainer jets to Senegal will be delayed by two years. Deliveries should commence in 2022. The original schedule called for the first two trainer jets to be delivered in 2020, a another two the following year.

Senegal will take delivery of four L-39NG advanced trainer jets as early as in 2022, two years later than originally planned / Photo by: Aero Vodochody

Deliveries of L-39NG trainer jets to Senegal were delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, which prevented authorities in Dakar and aircraft’s manufacturer, the Czech company Aero Vodochody to continue and conclude contract negotiations and payment details.

Decision to procure four Czech L-39NG advanced trainer jets was announced by Senegalese authorities on 4th April 2018.

The sale of L-39NG to Senegal should bring both countries, which make a collective effort to bring peace and stability in Mali through MINUSMA and EUTM missions, even closer. ’In connection with the increasing involvement of the Czech Republic in the region and due to the very important influence that Senegal has here, we have agreed on closer coordination and exchange of information and experience. Senegal appreciates the active role played by the Czech Republic in the region’, said Tomáš Kopečný, Czech deputy Minister for Defense (L-39NG for Senegal, 2020-01-24).

During NATO Days 2019 in Ostrava representatives of Aero Vodochody confirmed that the L-39NG project is running on schedule and that the fully capable platform will be delivered in the coming years.

Aside from Senegal, a number of other countries were outlined as potential future operators of the L-39NG platform. The list included: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Austria, Hungary, Greece, Thailand, Philippines, and Vietnam.

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