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New ARVs for Poland

The Armament Inspectorate, which acts on behalf of the Polish Ministry of Defense (MoD) has launched a tender for delivery of 29 armoured recovery vehicles for the Polish Army. New ARVs will be acquired under the ‘Kajman’ programme.

New armoured recovery vehicles will supplement the fleet of currently operated ARVs, such as WZT‑2, WZT‑3 and Bergepanzer 2, eventually replacing the older and less capable vehicles / Photo by: capt. Robert Suchy, Polish MoD

New ARVs will be tasked with recovery of heavy, tracked armoured vehicles, like main battle tanks and infantry fighting vehicles with the GVW of over 63 tonnes and providing medical evacuation and support of the personnel.

The future agreement will include an option for additional 37 ARVs, which could be acquired through a follow-on order.

The new ARVs should be equipped with cranes, bulldozer blades, winches, remote controlled weapon stations, observations and target acquisition systems, CBRN protection systems, heating and cooling systems, auxiliary power units, combat evacuation systems and communication systems.

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