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First torpedo firing from a Hamina-class fast-attack craft

On 19th August, the Finnish Navy conducted a torpedo firing exercise from the first modernized Hamina-class fast attack craft, Tornio (81). The training took place in the Archipelago Sea.

The Finnish Navy conducted a torpedo firing exercise from the first modernized Hamina-class fast attack craft / Photo by; Finnish MoD

A TP45 torpedo from the Swedish Defense Materiel Administration (Försvarets Materialverk, FMV) was utilized for the sake of the exercise.

According to the Finnish MoD, ‘this was the first time that a torpedo has been launched from a Hamina-class fast-attack craft and the first time in decades that the Navy has operated a piece of torpedo weaponry.’

‘The objective of the launch was to ascertain the capability of the TP45 torpedo system as a part of the upgrade of  Hamina-class fast-attack crafts. The tested weaponry will improve the Navy’s anti-submarine warfare capability significantly, and it will keep being improved with the introduction of the new TP47 in a few years’ time.’ , says the Commander of the Navy, Rear Admiral Jori Harju.

‘Subsurface capability is an essential part of modern naval operations, and when completed, this project will enable the Navy to have the striking power against air, surface and sub-surface targets.’ he added.

The Finnish Navy placed an order with Saab for torpedo and associated combat system which will be operated by a fleet of four modernized Hamina-class FACs as well as the future Pohjanmaa-class corvettes. Saabs Lightweight Torpedo (TP47) succeeds the current TP45 system.

The TP47 lightweight torpedo was designed specifically for anti-submarine operations in shallow littoral waters. It is effective also in blue water and against surface vessels. Due to its versatile features, it is extremely well suited for operating in the naval operating environment of the Baltic Sea and the Finnish coasts.

The Finnish MoD states that the TP47 torpedo will be introduced into service in 2023. Until then, the TP45 will remain operational within the fleet.

Tornio (81), the first modernized Hamina-class FAC was delivered to the Navy by the Patria company in January 2020. Handing over ceremony took place at the Finnish Navy’s base in Upinniemi. Upgrade of the Tornio missile boat commenced in early 2018.

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