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Slovakia wishes US troops on its soil

The Ministry of Defense of Slovakia has put forward a proposal for four US soldiers to serve in the country.

Four US military personnel might start their tour of duty in Slovakia on 1st October / Photo by: Slovak MoD

According to the Slovak MoD the country’s government has approved the proposed agreement, put forward by the head of the department. The proposal calls for the presence of US military personnel on Slovak soil. Their mission will be to provide advice and training to members of the SVK Armed Forces. The proposal is still to be debated by the SVK Parliament.

Slovak Defense Minister, Jaroslav Naď, said: ‘It is very important to stress that, under this proposal, there is no novelty about US troops serving in Slovakia. Having served on our soil already in the past, the presence of US military personnel is about long-term and continual cooperation with our key Ally at a high level, including intense military cooperation on training, exercises and consultancy.’ He added that four US soldiers, without any military vehicles or equipment, will be deployed to Slovakia.

If the proposal is approved, the US service members will assume a training and advisory role in developing the capabilities of the Slovak Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC) and Psychological Operations (PSYOPS) Teams. At the same time, this will deepen the capabilities of the SVK Armed Forces that are instrumental to delivering Slovakia′s commitment to make a contribution to the NATO Immediate Response Force (IRF).

It follows from the given proposal that, if approved, members of the US military will be deployed to Martin Garrison, with the 1st October 2020 as the start date of their 36-month-deployment on a 9-month rotational basis. The costs associated with their presence will be paid by the US side.

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