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Vis comeback in 2018

On the 15'th of December MilMag received confirmation that the modern version of 9 mm semi-automatic wz. 35 Vis pistol will return to Fabryka Broni's offer. Answering MilMag`s questions, CEO of Fabryka Broni Lucznik-Radom Adam Suliga informed that the weapon will be available in second half of 2018 and its price should not exceed 4000 PLN (1000 EUR).

 Wz. 35 Vis, 9-mm, will return to Fabryka Broni offer in the second half of 2018 / Photo: Remigiusz Wilk

Fabryka Broni will develop and manufacture modern series of wz. 35 Vis pistols. It won`t be short, commemorative batch as produced in 2015. It will stay available as a part of Lucznik`s offer.

Modern Vis will be a close copy of the Polish handgun manufactured until 1939. The original pistols were manufactured with extremely time - and resource - consuming methods. Each specimen was hand - fitted, so the parts were not interchangeable. 21'st - century handguns will be produced with modern CNC technology to very tight tolerances. This will result in parts interchangeability but some mechanisms will have to be re - designed to match modern manufacturing technologies. On the outside, the new Vis will be identical to the original model.

Initially, only 9x19 mm model will be produced. Vis will be supplied with historically correct single stack magazine and sights. If the market shows enough interest, Lucznik`s board of directors might consider different models and additional accessories, such as iconic wooden stock - holster.

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