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Lithuanian soldiers train with Grom MANPADs

On August 28th the crew of the Skalvis (M53) mine warfare vessel (the ex-British HMS Cottesmore, Lithuania acquires ex-HMS Quorn, 2020-05-01) conducted a training exercise with the use of the Grom anti-aircraft missile set. The exercise took place on Lithuanian waters, 5 km from Juodkrantė on the Curonian Spit.

The crew of the Lithuanian Skalvis mine warfare vessel conducted a training exercise with the use of the Grom anti-aircraft missile set / Photo by: Lithuanian MoD

At the end of December 2014 Lithuanian Armed Forces took delivery of the first batch of short-range MANPADs Grom. The system was manufactured by the Polish company Mesko, a subsidiary of the Polish Armaments Group (Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa, PGZ, New stage of Polish and Lithuanian partnership, 2020-01-31).

The contract for delivery of Grom MANPADs was signed a few months earlier. The agreement called for delivery of Grom launchers, missiles, maintenance equipment, field trainers, and simulators, including a logistics package for a total of €34 million.

Grom is a short-range portable missile system that allows the effective destruction of targets at a distance of 400 meters to 5,5 km, at an altitude of 10 m to 3.5 km. It is an extremely mobile weapon. Its operator can destroy air targets while standing or kneeling from a ditch, from a ship, or from a slow-moving vehicle.

It is designed for destroying visually observed air targets, including aircrafts, helicopters and other targets emitting infrared radiation, flying on the courses of approaching and on the courses of receding.




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