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Polish SOF train in Georgia

Polish Special Operations Forces conduct training with their Georgian counterparts during a Noble Partner 2020 multinational exercise.

Polish and Georgian SOF operators trained a joint counterterrorism operation at Vaziani military base

Noble Partner 2020 exercise is held in Georgia between 7th and 18th September. Approximately 2 800 soldiers from France, Georgia, Poland, UK and US take part in the event. Training sessions take place in Vaziani military base located around 20 km outside Tbilisi and Camp Norio.

A number of M1240A1 M-ATV MRAP vehicles were used during the training exercise. Such vehicles are operated by the Polish JW Agat SOF unit

During one of the exercise Polish and Georgian SOF soldiers took part in a simulated counterterrorism operation. SOF operators were supported by sniper teams and US AH-64 Apache attack helicopters as well as an HH-60M Black Hawk MEDEVAC rotorcraft.

The scenario of the training exercise included destruction of enemy’s check points by American Apache helicopters. Subsequently, a joint Polish-Georigan SOF team entered the area and shortly after took control over it.

One of the soldiers took casualties during the counterterrorism operation. He was evacuated from the battlefield by an HH-60M MEDEVAC helicopter / Photos by: Georgian MoD

According to the scenario, one of the operators took casualties during combat action. In result, he was evacuated by the HH-60M helicopter.

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