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Polish soldiers train in Romania

Soldiers of the Polish Military Contingent in Romania conducted a training exercise on the premises of the Cincu military base. The exercise took place day and night from 7th to 11th September.

Photo by: szer. Patrycja Szewczyk, DO RSZ

The exercise, which involved Polish and other multinational military contingents stationed in Romania as well as soldiers from the 22nd Infantry Battalion "Romanati" in Craiova, played a role in enhancing cooperation capabilities and improving procedures.The scenario included a series of attacks on the enemy’s positions and strong points, which was preceded by reconnaissance and proper displacement of forces, as well as mine clearing operation.

In the first phase of the exercise, the Polish mechanized company was taken by surprise by enemy forces and pinned down to their positions.

In the result, a Romanian company had to intervene. By creating a smoke screen and assaulting enemy forces, Poles allowed their Romanian counterparts to enter the battle.

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