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Poland looks for new radio reconnaissance and jamming systems

The Armament Inspectorate, which acts on behalf of the Polish Ministry of Defense (MoD), has announced its intention to launch a technical dialogue for the development of a new, automatic UKF reconnaissance and jamming system. The new system is planned to be mounted on a basic Rosomak 8x8 armoured vehicle, which is a derivative of the Finnish Patria AMV 8x8 platform.

New radio reconnaissance and jamming stations will be fitted on a baseline Rosomak 8x8 armoured vehicles / Photo by: Rosomak SA

The technical dialogue procedure will allow the Armament Inspectorate to assess knowledge required to draw up a plan for the procurement of new UKF reconnaissance and jamming system, with the jamming capability in the range of 1,5−3000 MHz. The technical dialogue is planned to be conducted between February and May 2021.

The new system is expected to be capable of radioelectronic intercepting, tracing, tracking, and countering (defensive and offensive) enemy’s radio communication transmissions.

The planned technical dialogue procedure and the procurement programme, which should follow, is another project in the process of modernization of Polish Armed Forces’ electronic warfare capabilities. In August 2020 a tender was launched for delivery of a new radio jamming stations.

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