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New Finnish-Latvian armoured vehicle

Finnish MoD's press release

Finland, Latvia and Patria Land Oy have signed a product development agreement for the creation of a common armored vehicle system. The agreement is linked to a memorandum of understanding signed by the countries last spring.

The total VAT-inclusive value of the entire product development contract is approximately EUR 7.3 million, including the product development of the above-mentioned common platform and crew transport vehicle and driving position vehicle equipment. Finland and Latvia share the costs equally / Photo by: Finnish MoD

The purpose of the product development agreement is to develop the Patria 6x6 prototype vehicle technology manufactured by Patria Land Oy into a common armored vehicle platform in accordance with the common requirements of the countries, as well as a crew transport armored vehicle and a driving position vehicle based on it. The agreement

also enables entities aimed at developing joint maintenance, logistics, training solutions or product development packages.

‘It is great that, despite the conditions of the COVID-19 epidemic, we are able to continue bilateral material cooperation in this way. In the project, both countries have been able to reconcile their demands.’ says Minister of Defense Antti Kaikkonen.

Product development work is directed and supervised by a joint Finnish-Latvian product development organization, in which Finland acts as the leading country. The product development phase will last until the end of 2021, and after the conclusion of the product development agreement, the countries can start negotiations on possible serial procurements. The first deliveries could be in 2021. A completely different contract will be negotiated for possible serial purchases.

‘This is a major milestone in developing the mobility of the infantry and the entire Army and creating a new performance for our forces. With the joint research and product development project, it is also possible to find solutions to improve interoperability, save on life cycle costs and improve security of supply.’ says Infantry Inspector Colonel Rainer Peltoniemi from the Army Staff.

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