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New M-346 Bielik trainers in Poland

The head of the Polish Ministry of Defense (MoD), Mariusz Blaszczak, informed that the Polish Air Force (Siły Powietrzne RP) has taken delivery of additional two M-346 Bielik / Master advanced trainer aircraft. The deliveries took place over the last few days.

Currently, Poland has 10 M-346 Bielik / Master advanced trainer jets in its inventory. Additional 6 jets should be delivered by 2022 / Photo by: Polish MoD

On 20th October a trainer aircraft (No. 7710) landed at the 41st Training Air Base, in Dęblin. It was preceded a few days earlier by another M-346 Bielik / Master trainer (No. 7709), which most likely arrived on 5th October. Another two trainer jets (No. 7711 and 7712) are being readied in Italy for incoming delivery. They should be delivered by the end of the month.

Poland ordered the first eight M-346 Bielik / Master trainer aircraft from Leonardo in February 2014. They were delivered by October 2017.

Shortly after the Polish MoD commenced negotiations for acquisition of additional trainer jets. The contract was signed in March 2018. It called for procurement of four M-346 Bielik / Master trainers along with Simulation Based Training systems. The agreement included an option for additional four jet trainers, which was used in December 2018.

In result, the fleet of Polish M-346 Bielik / Master trainer aircraft will grow to 16 jets, the final of which should be delivered by 2022.

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