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Phone for a spy

Gdansk Trade Show was the venue which MIB Electronics chose to show their offer in Poland for the first time. Company designs and makes micro-cameras, signal transmitters and other recording devices integrated with smartphones. Felix Meissner, CEO of MIB Electronics, states that products shown at Europoltech can be extremely helpful for investigation officers who have to acquire information using covert methods.

Modified smartphone allows for covert recording. 5Mpx camera is hidden in the top part of the case. Dedicated software enables easy access to recording controls

Devices from USS (Undercover Surveillance Smartphone) family are often used by clients involved in intelligence gathering. Due to its popularity, smartphones are nowadays a lot less conspicuous in the crowd and changing a typical smartphone into an effective intelligence-gathering tool requires just small software and hardware adaptation.

Special microphone, camouflaged as a Bluetooth headset is available with the USS Phone. This device, when placed near a subject of observation, allows for synchronous audio and video recording / Photos: Jakub Link-Lenczowski

In USS phone, the front camera (usually used for taking selfies) has been moved to a hidden socket in the top part of the case. This allows the operator to hold the phone in a natural manner while recording films and taking photos. Easy record/stop record operations are incorporated in the software. Interestingly, an application camouflaged as a poker game allows for covert access to image recording options.

Footage quality is Full HD / 60 FPS. Sound from a hidden microphone (placed near target location) can be recorded and added to the video automatically. To be used as evidence material without legal problems, recorded data includes date and time stamps.

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