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Cyber Protector

DGT application, unveiled at Europoltech, has been developed to protect DGT`s communication systems from infiltration by hackers and, in case of a successful attack, create a totally isolated audio communication channel. This functionality maintains critical comms even in case of a total paralysis of the main communication hub.

Cyber Protector software presented by DGT at the Europoltech Trade Show

At present, pretty much every IT solution is IP-protocol based. This allows for easy transfer of large data packets but, at the same time, puts the infrastructure at a considerable risk of a crippling attack. Scale and type of this acts of aggression, often conducted by financially and politically backed hacking organizations, are very hard to predict, judge and neutralize. Whole infrastructure-controlling networks are more and more often becoming targets of such cyber-violence.

This schematics present a typical cyber-attack. Due to rise of organized crime potential, State level critical infrastructure can become a target for hackers / Photos: Jakub Link-Lenczowski

Main function of Cyber Protector Application, besides actual protection, is to maintain an emergency communication channel, designed to function even in full “communication down” situation. This is possible with use of digital commutation field. Because of DGT systems architecture voice-only communication can be fully separated from the comms levels susceptible to cyber-attacks.

Cyber Protector can be installed in both most recent and older devices manufactured by DGT. Software update might be necessary to install it on older units. Type of updates depends on equipment age but the protection will work on all levels and network components.

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