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MILMAG - The Military MagazinePress release: NATO warships in Norway for exercise TG-21-1 - MILMAG - The Military Magazine

Press release: NATO warships in Norway for exercise TG-21-1

A total of 14 vessels and submarines from Norway, Denmark, France, Canada, Germany and the Netherlands participate in the annual maritime exercise TG21-1. Standing NATO Maritime Group 1 is also participating.

Photo by: Norwegian MoD

The exercise is designed to enhance allied cooperation, and strengthening participating nations’ ability to conduct maritime operation in challenging environments.

– Participation in exercise TG-21-1 states allied ability and commitment to defend Norway and “NATO in the North”, if necessary. Allied presence and operations are important to the collective defense of Norway and NATO, says commander s.g. Torill Herland, Chief Public Affairs Officer in the Norwegian Navy.

Due to the pandemic, the exercise is conducted under strict measures to prevent further spreading of the corona-virus. There is no physical interaction between the crews and locals.

Exercise TG-21-1 supports the training and qualification of future NATO submarine commanders.

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