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Lithuania Armed Force take delivery of new tactical trucks

The Lithuanian Armed Forces took delivery of 15 special purpose AROCS tactical trucks and associated transport containers from the German manufacturer Daimler AG. ‘The acquisition and renewal of military equipment for deterrence purposes is an integral part of state security’ said Vilius Semeška, Deputy Minister of National Defense.

Photos by: Št. srž. Vilmos Lisauskaitės, Lithuanian MoD

Semeška pointed out that not only foreign manufacturers, but also local companies take part in the modernization of the country’s fleet of military transport trucks. Final equipping of newly received AROCS tactical trucks was carried out in Lithuania by the UAB KMT company.

By the end of 2021 the Lithuanian Armed Forces are expected to take delivery of additional 10 AROCS tactical trucks, finalizing the project commenced four years ago. The agreement on the acquisition of 25 trucks of this type was signed by the Defense Resources Agency under the Ministry of National Defense and the authorized representative of the German manufacturer Daimler AG in Lithuania UAB Veho Lietuva in January last year.

In recent years the Lithuanian Armed Forces took also delivery of ZETROS 3643 tractors with trailers and five-tonne UNIMOG U5000 tactical trucks.

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