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60-round PUFGUN magazines

Russian manufacturer PUFGUN (Perfect Units For Guns) from Chelyabinsk introduced 60-round, quad-stack magazines into their offer. The product is compatible with AK-pattern rifles using 5,45x39 mm ammunition. Magazines are made of glass fiber reinforced polyamide. Such accessories are not common items on the civilian market.

PUFGUN currently has other potential products under development. We can expect magazines for Steyr AUG and 60-rounders for AK's using chambered in 7,62x39 mm ammo.

268-gram magazines are available in khaki, black, oliv and tan color. The retail price on Russian market is 4090 RUB (72 USD). Magazine`s exterior is partially covered with grip-enhancing protrusions. According to PUFGAN, their product is also easy to disassemble which makes for simpler cleaning.

Some of the magazines are available in a fairly wide variety of colors including yellow, red, blue and pink. /Photos: PUFGUN

PUFGUN was established in 2013 in Chelyabinsk and specializes in plastic magazines for various firearms. Their offer includes 5 to 60 round magazines for not only AK/AR platform but also for SKS rifles, Saiga 9-mm pistol caliber carabines, also Vepr and Saiga rifles chambered in 7,62x51 mm NATO/.308 Winchester ammunition. Besides magazines, PUFGUN manufactures ergonomic pistol grips for AK's, and small accessories like chamber flags.

According to the manufacturer, PUFGUN magazines are not only popular among Russian sports shooters, but also with soldiers and other federal forces. /Film: PUFGUN

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