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Łucznik unveils Beryl SW rifle

Fabryka Broni developed a 5.56 mm semi-automatic Beryl SW rifle based on military wz. 96C Beryl assault rifle, used by Polish Armed Forces since 2009. Łucznik answered demand made by Polish Prison Service (Służba Więzienna, SW) for a new firearm.

The Beryl SW semi-asault rifle debuted at Europoltech 2017 has the potential to be chosen by Służba Wiezienna for it’s modernization program

The Beryl SW rifle shoots in single-fire mode only. The rifle is equipped with quad-rail system on the handguard, a telescopic stock and an ergonomic pistol grip. An enlarged magazine catch lever and a modified safety switch introduced to the Beryl SW improves weapon handling. New rifle variant can be distinguished by markings on left side of the receiver.

The only noticeable, outside difference between the military wz. 96C assault rifle and Prison Service-destined semi-automatic Beryl SW rifle, is the lack of distinctive fire-selector switch, located on the left side of the rifle / Photos: Remigiusz Wilk

The Beryl SW rifle has the potential to be chosen by Służba Wiezienna for it’s modernization program. This program started in January 2017 and the total spending is going to be PLN12 million PLN (USD3.09 million). From this amount, PLN4.8 million (USD1.23 million) is reserved for acquisition of 1,200 semi-automatic rifles, chambered in 5.56x45 mm. This purchase is a direct result of 2015 decision to retire AKM/AKMS assault rifles in 7.62x39 mm. “Need for a weapon with less firepower and inflicting less damage” is the main justification for this change. Introducing a rifle that is more modern, accurate and useful in prison environment is another argument given.

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