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AR from Radom

MILMAG was invited to a live-fire presentation of the new rifle's prototype. It's based on AR-15 and developed in Poland. The rifle is chambered for 5,56 x 45 mm/.223 Remington cartridge and the development process started last year.

Pioneer Arms Corp. developed Polish clone of AR-15 rifle. The shown firearm was identical to American M16A4 configuration. Ultimately, the rifles will be offered in various barrel lengths and with adjustable stocks and M-LOK compatible handguards.

We were informed that the rifles will be available with various barrel lengths and with variety of accessories. PAC is planning the to start retailing those on the Polish civilian market in the near future. This will be most likely connected with opening of a new branch, specializing in selling the PAC-made weapons. The retail value of the base version is supposed to be about 4000 PLN (950 EUR).

Shooting the PAC prototype. Instead of the carrying handle, Israeli-made Mepro 21 sight was used. This confirms that the accessory mounting rail conforms to the standards.

The showcased prototype has a typical for AR-15 direct impingement gas system with a long, thin gas tube directing the combustion gases to the bolt carrier. The same system will be used in production models. Weapon shown had a final version of lower and upper receiver but there were no markings by the safety lever. The shown rifle was similar to M16A4 variant, with a 508-mm (20-inch) long barrel featuring the 1-in-7 twist, fixed stock made of polymer and an A2 pistol grip. It also had a standard 2-part polymer handguard with a heat shield, and an optics rail on the upper receiver. The rail accommodated a carrying handle with an A2 rear sight.

Partially disassembled AR-15 clone from Radom. Plastic polymer for the prototype were sourced abroad. The production versions will have these parts produced in Poland. Production rifles will have locally made furniture both polymer and M-Lok compatible aluminium ones.

PAC-made weapon's controls were non-ambidextrous and identical to an M16A4. Magazine release was located on the right side while the bolt release and a safety lever were placed on the left side of the weapon.

Magazine well has laser-etched markings on the left side. The markings show manufacturer`s name – PIONEER ARMS CORP. Below the name you can see the caliber (5,56 x 45 mm) and place of manufacturing (RADOM, POLAND). Presented AR-15 had it's serial number located above the trigger, together with a letter P designating a prototype.

Manufacturer's name, ammunition type and location of manufacture are laser-engraved on the side of magazine well. / Photos: Remigiusz Wilk

The rifle shown to us is only a sample of possible configuration. Manufacturer plans to sell the rifles with 508-mm (20-inch), 406-mm (16-inch), 368-mm (14,5-inch) and shorter barrels. PAC's ARs will be retailed on Polish market in various configurations - fixed or adjustable stocks, standard polymer or aluminium handguards featuring Magpul Industries M-Lok mounting system.


The rifle, as developed by Pioneer Arms Corp., is a second attempt in Poland to produce a domestic AR-15 clone. For a few years now, Krakow-based Gunshelp company is selling their own GH-15s for about 7000-9000 PLN (1670 – 2150 EUR). Their rifles are a small-scale production and Gunshelp manufactures some of the parts - such as upper and lower receivers, bolt carriers, bolts – on their own.

Radom-based PAC has lot wider production capabilities, including precision casting. They also already manufacture their own 5,56 mm barrels. This potential translates directly to the planned price – 4000 PLN (950 EUR). PAC can also offer the rifles without any furniture (handguards, stocks, grips) prepared be copmleted by the buyer with the parts of his/hers choice.

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