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ET2018: Kahles K525i scope premiere

During the EnforceTac, Kahles debuted their K525i 5-25x56 optical scope. The scope was designed to be used for long distance shooting. K525i 5-25x56 has improved optics, strengthened tube and open correction drums.

During the EnforceTac show, Kahles representative pointed out, that K525i is destined for experienced users. Thanks to the optical parameters, shooter has better situational awareness. Correction controls are ambidextrous. /Photos: Jakub Link-Lenczowski

Magnification range for K525i is 5-25x. This, combined with 56 mm lens, allows for target observation at ranges of up to 1000 m. Parallax adjustment is 20 m to infinity.

All K525i controls are fully ambidextrous and accessible in every shooting position. This enables the user to change settings while observing the target continuously.

Austrian manufacturer used their proven solutions in the K525i construction. The parallax adjustment is integrated in the top correction drum and the controls have protection agains accidental operation.

K525i is a new, full-size optical scope designed for competitive shooting at long distances. To make corrections easier, the scope is offered with 5 types of reticle, including 2 new ones – MSR/Ki and Mil4+ / Photo: Paweł Ścibiorek

Scope will be retailed with backlit 1st focal plane reticles. Besides the popular SKMR3, SKMR and MOAK reticles, Kahles offers the most recent MSR2/Ki and Mil4+ designs. Thirty four millimeters tube allows for wide range of aiming point adjustments. For 100 m distance, adjustments can be 2,9 m in elevation and 1,3 m for windage.

K525i should be available on the market from August 2018. Recommended retail price will be 3300 EUR.

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