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ET2018: Schmidt & Bender 1-8x24 PM II

The 8x24 PM II Shortdot Dual CC scope was presented by Schmidt & Bender at the EnforceTac. The optics was developed for designated marksmen and chosen by the Bundeswehr. This batch of scopes, manufactured in distinctive earthen color (RAL 8000), will be used on H&K G28 Patrol rifles. 

1-8x24 PM II Shortdot Dual CC is the second generation of S&B scopes with reticles on two optical planes. Presented model is destined for German army and will sit on top of their HK G28`s

PM II Shortdot Dual CC expands upon one of the most complicated of S&B scopes and has reticles on two optical planes. First plane has a scalable reticle allowing for corrections in 1-8x magnification range. Second plane has a backlit aiming dot. Correction drums are of open type and have safety blocker to prevent accidental adjustments

This solution enables quick tracking of long distance targets and does not handicaps firing at closer targets. Near threats can be engaged with Close Combat (CC) system which allows the shooter to quickly aim at or beyond 7 meters with both eyes open. After the magnification is adjusted, the parallax correction changes as well. This enables the shooter to engaged targets at the range of up to 100 m without additional corrections.

Special case cover is included with the scope itself. It protects the optics when fitted to the weapon and allows for safe transportation / Photos: Jakub Link-Lenczowski

Scope is compact. Tube`s length is only 293 mm while the weight is 655 g. This makes the scope suitable for short barrel firearms and for limited space actions. Thirty mm tube enables wide range of elevation and windage adjustments. At 100 m range, the adjustments are 1,22 m and 0,6 m respectively.

Schmidt & Bender will deliver the order for 1-8x24 PM II Shortdot Dual CC scopes around the mid-year of 2018. We can estimate, that the German armed forces will receive several hundred of the said scopes together with the case covers.

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