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IWA2018: KNS Switchsight for Glock

KNS Precision, American manufacturer of firearms accessories, presented their Switchsight prototype at IWA2018 in Nuremberg. Switchsight is a folding backup sight system for Glock pistols and when flipped-up, it raises the aiming line by 7 mm.

Switchsight was designed mostly for pistols equipped with sound suppressors, which usually obscure the stock sights. KNS Precision solution can also be used as a backup sight for weapons equipped with red dot. When the Switchsight is flipped up, the impact point does not rise more than a few millimeters.

Flipping up the sights allows for effective shooting even is case of a red dot sight malfunction / Photos: Paweł Ścibiorek

Switchsight is made of steel but the steel type for the production version is still not decided, as the manufacturer is still testing various alloys. Versions for pistols other than Glocks are also in the pipeline, so are the tritium or fluorescent versions.

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