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IWA2018: Delta Optical Stryker premiere

A line of Stryker HD scopes was presented by Delta Optical at the IWA2018 show. The line consists of 4,5-30x56 and 5-50x56 models, equipped with high-resolution glass optical elements.

Delta Optical presented the Stryker family at IWA2018. New models were developed for both sports shooters and military users

Smaller model, the 4,5-30x56 FFP was developed for medium and long-range firing. The reticle is placed on the first optical plane so the scope can be used in both military and sport shooting applications. Reticles available are LRD-1T, LRD-1T and DLR-1 scaled in such a way, that one click of correction drum moves the impact point by 10 mm at 100 m range.

Correction drums can be used with gloved hands. The drums give a very positive click when turned

The lenses were selected to minimize the optical aberration in full range of magnification. Optical elements, combined with 34-mm tube, shortened the scope`s length.

An interesting parallax correction attachment wheel. It allows for very precise corrections / Photos: Jakub Link-Lenczowski

Big Stryker, the 5-50x56 SFP was developed for long range sport shooting in the F-Class and Benchrest formulas. To be competitive, the scope is equipped with DLS-1, DLS-2 and DLS-3 reticles on the second optical plane. Reticles are scaled in such a way, to allow for target measurement at the 40x full magnification. Similar to it`s younger brother, the 5-560x56 is equipped with chromatic aberration reduction lenses which also bring out the natural colors.

All manipulators are adapted to gloved hand operation. The scope can also be equipped with a special accessory attachment for the parallax correction turret. This attachment allows for very precise corrections.

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