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BUOS as Danel Defense distributor for Europe

MILMAG Military Magazine found out that Warsaw-based BUOS company signed a contract with Daniel Defense at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2018. The agreement makes the Polish company the exclusive distributor of DD products in Europe. Daniel Defense is based in Black Creek, Georgia and manufactures high-end firearms based on the AR-15 platform.

The 254-mm (10-inch) barrel DDMK18 carabine is one of the most popular models manufactured by Daniel Defense. Its popularity is mainly caused by the use of similar carabine by US special forces. / Photos: BUOS, Daniel Defense

BUOS was established in 1994, as a direct continuation of BUSS company which specialized in making hunting and CS-gas firearms. Currently, BUOS is well known to firearm enthusiasts as a distributor of weapons from manufacturers such as Kalashnikov Group, Gemtech, Magpul Industries, Viridian, Bladetech, Aero Precision and the beforementioned Daniel Defense.

BUOS offer was recently displayed at the EXPOHunting/EXPOShooting trade show in Sosnowiec on the 16-18 of March. /Video: BUOS

Daniel Defense was founded in 2001 by Marty Daniel and started its history with developing a couple of elements needed by Marty do modify his own Colt AR-15 Sporter carabine. As of now, the company is considered one of the leading manufacturers of AR-15 clones and accessories (3D printed DD Wave suppressor, 2017-09-26). Their products are successful in both civilian and professional markets. Currently, DD is competing for various contracts, such as the supply of carabines for the American Secret Service.

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