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Zepelin Nixus Tents

Zepelin is known on civilian markets since 1997 and offers tents used by rescue services. In Istanbul, Slovakian maker unveiled series of modular tents which deploy using high pneumatic pressure. 

Zepelin pneumatic tents intended for military are available in 4 to 11.9 meters lengths and 5.1 to 6.1 widths. Single segment weight is 150 kg

Nixus model is very rigid and resistant to adverse weather. This has been achieved by using high pressure of 43-58 psi (3-4 bars) in the inflatable tubes. These tubes are 150 mm in diameter, which is a lot smaller than typical 250 mm tubes. As a result of smaller diameter tubes this tent is also quite high – 3000 mm at the top.

High ceiling and detachable wall are visible when looking at the inside / Photos: Paweł Ścibiorek

Outer layer can be either 500D polyester fabric, sandwiched with PVC overlay (which increases fire-retardation and weather resistance), or a similar 1000D fabric covered with an infrared reflection membrane (conforming to NIR standard).

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