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WB Group expands towards America

On the 21st of May 2018, at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) in Tampa,  American operation of Polish Grupa WB (WB Group) will start. The WB America subsidiary was registered in Alexandria, West Virginia in 2018. The website, LinkedIn, Instagram and Youtube accounts of the company are already prepared. (Switzerland tests Fly Eye, 2018-04-20, WB Group offset agreement, 2018-04-18)

Still from the WB America movie presenting an example setup of IVOSC recon-strike system. It`s based on Fly Eye and Warmate UAVs` / Illustration: WB America

The inauguration of WB America`s activity is closely connected with a presentation of Vehicle Integrated Overwatch and Tactical Strike Solutions system at the SOFIC conference. The system, known as SWARM in 2017, is a combination of the vehicle carried and controlled Fly Eye and Warmate UAVs` with various communication and battlefield management solutions. IVOSC is destined mainly for special operations.

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