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Police helicopter tender cancelled

On the 20th of April 2018, Komenda Glowna Policji (Poland`s Police Headquarters – KGP) released the information that the proceedings for procurement of 3 single-engine helicopters were cancelled. The decision`s justification was the prices offered – way beyond the planned budget.

Heli Invest Co., representing Airbus Helicopters, offered the H125 helicopters (previously known as Eurocopter AS350 Écureuil). These rotorcrafts are widely used by police forces throughout the world / Photo: Airbus Helicopters

The financial and public orders branch of KGP (Biuro Finansów Wydziału Zamówień Publicznych i Funduszy Pomocowych) cancelled the 230/Cut/17/MP/PMP proceedings due to the excessive price offered by even the most economical offeror. Previously, KGP plans assumed deliveries to be completed by the end of 2018.

The only offer was submitted on the 9th of April 2018 by the Heli Invest Co., representing the Airbus Helicopters in Poland. Police HQ budget for 3 helicopters was PLN 53 million (EUR 12,6 million). The submitted offer totalled at PLN 77,244 million (EUR 18,3 million) with a unit price of single craft at PLN 8 million (EUR 1,9 million). There was no information on the exact type of the helicopter offered.

There were no proposals from American Bell Helicopter Textron (unable to deliver in the requested time-frame) and from Polish PZL-Swidnik as their craft did not match the required specifications. Ordering unit requested an aircraft with 350 kg minimal carrying capacity, capable of both day and night-time flying, with 220 km/h minimal speed and 500 km range / 3 hours flight duration.

The new rotorcraft have to be capable of transporting 2 crew members and 3 passengers. Additional requirements consisted of compatibility with night vision goggles and the possibility of equipping the craft with visible/infra-red observation equipment. Moreover, helicopters should be able to carry two additional hardpoints capable of supporting 160 kg each, and spotlight / PA systems.

It is possible, that the proceedings cancellation is connected with KGP`s unofficial plans to procure 2 medium-sized helicopters for Biuro Operacji Antyterrorystycznych.

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