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PAC-15 premiere in May

As MILMAG found out, the PAC-15 semi-automatic rifle will be premiered on the 18-20th of May weekend. The unveiling will take place together with the official opening of the Pioneer Arms Corp. shop in Warsaw. Firearms will also be presented at a shooting range.

The first production run of the 5,56-mm PAC-15 semi-automatic rifles from Pioneer Arms Corp. is nearly finished. Initially, the premiere was supposed to happen on the April/May breakthrough but was rescheduled due to Polish National Holidays and long weekend. /Photo: Pawel Scibiorek, Remigiusz Wilk

Since 2017, Pioneer Arms Corp. (PAC) company has been developing and implementing production of AR-pattern rifle for .223 Remington /5,56x45 mm ammunition (AR from Radom, 2018-02-23). As MILMAG found out, the rifle will be marketed under the PAC-15 designation. The ARs` from Radom will be available in numerous variants, differing in barrel lengths and additional accessories.

The first production run is considered by PAC as an experiment. Two hundred rifles will be manufactured in this batch and interested buyers will be able to purchase the PAC-15 with very short barrels, rail systems and adjustable stocks. A 508-mm (20-inch) barreled variant with a polymer handguard and a fixed stock will also be available. This model is designed to resemble the standard US Army M16 assault rifle.

All PAC-15 variants will operate the original gas system, designed at the end of the 1950s` for AR-15. The exhaust gases are fed, via a long and thin tube, into the bolt carrier which serves as both gas chamber and gas piston. PAC-15 rifles will consist of elements conforming to the Mil-Spec standards.

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