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High flow HSR gates

Apstec Systems originates from Russia and has it`s headquarters and factory in Estonia. Human Security Radar, presented in Turkey is currently under implementation and manufacturer expects that the system will become available in August 2017.

After threat detection HSR marks the suspect on the scanning area map and informs the operator while displaying a photo. Location of a suspected item is marked with yellow bracket

Human Security Radar consists of operation station and two gates (radars). These are spaced 2000mm apart, which allows for high flow pedestrian traffic. HSR detects explosives and large, possibly dangerous items (e. g. weapons) while ignoring personal electronics and small metal items.

10,000 people can pass through HSR every hour. There is no need to empty pockets and stop at the gate. Additionally, multiple persons are scanned simultaneously. As a comparison, typical gate handles 500 people per hour.

Photos of detected suspects can be send to security services by system operator / Photos: Paweł Ścibiorek

Lower sensibility, which allows for small metal items like handguns to be carried through is the system`s downside. This makes HSR useful for public transport, mass gatherings or events, but implementation in high security areas like airports is not advised.

Interestingly, whole analysis is conducted by software so a single operator can oversee many gates. System can also be integrated with external face recognition technology devices.

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