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Seven offers on SG aeroplanes

Financial Bureau of Border Guard HQ (Biuro Finansów Komendy Głównej Straży Granicznej) published an information concerning offers provided in the proceedings to procure 2 patrol aeroplanes for Border Guard Airforce (Lotnictwo Strazy Granicznej). There were 7 offers provided, both from abroad and from Poland. The budget for the planes is PLN 113,5 million (EUR 27 million). Purchased aircraft will patrol Poland`s sea border.

Border Guard Airforce is using the M28 Skytruck planes, which can operate from short and grass airfields /Photo: Jakub Link-Lenczowski

All the offered planes conform to the required specifications. The warranty period is 36 months or 1500 hours of flight and covers the fuselage, wings, propulsion, avionics, observation systems, 360-degrees radar system, AIS system and Internet-enabled satellite phone. Deliveries will take place between 1st of February and 1st of October 2020.

The winning offer will be chosen based on lowest price, longest warranty and load capacity criteria. There was no information on the exact model offered but the requirements assume a dual engine, turbo-prop plane with 770-1250 BHP in each engine. Another requirement is a capacity to carry at least 7 persons – 2 pilots, 2 flight system operators, 1 technician and 2 passengers. Aircraft is to be capable of both day- and nigh-time flight.

Maximum take-off weight is 6-7,6 tons and the carrying capacity at least 950 kg. Cruising speed should be 180 knots (333 km/h) minimum and the useful ceiling should be at least 20.000 feet (6,1 km). Take-off and landing distance is 900m maximum. Flight time should be 5,5 hours and additional 30 minutes.

The ordering organisation also requires special equipment to be built-in. It consists of an optoelectronic observation unit, weighing at least 48 kg and with a 400 mm lens HD camera, a 3rd Generation infrared camera with a laser rangefinder and minimum 20 km range, an automatic tracking and image processing system, and GPS/INS receivers. The 360-degrees radar is to work in X band. Detection range should be at least 120 nautical miles (222,24 km), with an ability to detect at least 200 targets.

1. Polish JB Investments (Lider) and Aero Club joint-venture;
2. German-Polish Beechcraft Berlin Aviation (Lider) and Arminex Trading joint venture;
3. Czech Ceska Letecka Servisni company;
4. Swedish Bromma Air Mainteance;
5. Polish-German GB Aircraft (Lider) and Aerodata joint-venture;
6. British Aerocare Aviation Services company;
7. Polish-Austrian Parasnake Arkadiusz Szewczyk (Lider) and Airborne Technologies joint-venture.

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