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First Warmate operators in WOT

The spokesman for WOT HQ informed, that on the 25-26 of April 2018, 9 Polish Army soldiers became certified operators of Warmate Loitering Munition system. Five of these soldiers serve in Territorial Military Service (Terytorialna Sluzba Wojskowa – TSW).

Nine out of ten candidates obtained the operator certification for Warmate Loitering Munition /Photo: Dowództwo Wojsk Obrony Terytorialnej

The first course for Warmate Loitering Munition system took place in April 2018 and lasted 2 weeks. The training was conducted by engineers and teachers from WB Electronics – the Warmate manufacturer. Last two days of the course (25th and 26th of April) consisted of guiding the Warmates in battle loadout and terminated in the certification process.

Nine out of ten candidates obtained the certification and acquired rights to use the Warmate in combat configuration. The best results were achieved, ex aequo, by a TSW soldier and another soldier from the different branch. The best operators will undergo instructors training. In the Territorial Defence Brigades, the best will also serve in information support groups. At present, WOT HQ is focusing on 3 main subjects: integration of Warmate with other systems, technological development of the system, and intensive training of Warmate operators.

WOT capabilities in using the Warmate will be developed in 4 stages, parallel to WOT formations creation. First to receive the new systems will be eastern-based Territorial Defence Brigades – the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Polish army is one of the first in NATO to introduce such systems into their ranks.

The contract for procurement of Warmate Loitering Munition for Polish Army is worth over PLN 100 million (EUR 23,7 million) and was signed on 20th November 2018. It covers delivery of 10 sets of 100 UAV`s each (1000 Warmates altogether) and is destined for Special Forces, Territorial Defence Forces and Land Forces. First sets were received 19th of December 2017 and went to Jednostka Wojskowa Nil (JWN).

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