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Lubawa in US Army tender

Lubawa board of directors informed, that the order for multi-spectral camouflage was placed by the US Army. The purchase order, part of the US Army proceedings for camouflage systems, was placed via the HDT Global – Lubawa partner in the USA. Lubawa USA, the subsidiary of the Polish company, will be responsible for the contract.

Multi-spectral, mobile camouflage manufactured by Miranda can be utilized on armoured vehicles, such as Rosomak APC. /Photo: Lubawa

The purchase order is worth USD 468 000 (EUR 386 000) and was acknowledged in the late night hours Polish time, on the 26th of April. It`s the first contract of the CCP (Competitive Prototyping Phase) stage of the US Army tender for multi-year deliveries of camouflage systems. There are only 3 offerors present in this stage of proceedings.

In the CCP stage, Lubawa will deliver the camouflage systems produced by Miranda subsidiary. The proceedings are to finish in 2018 with a choice of single provider.

If HDT Global/Lubawa joint venture wins the tender, the production phase will start. The consortium would have to provide USD 480 mln (EUR 397 mln) worth of multi-spectral camouflage systems over the 10-year period. This phase would start in 2019 with the production being performed by HDT Global in the USA, under the Lubawa USA licence.

Lubawa`s mobile camouflage provides multi-spectral protection by imitating the textures of the natural environment. It has various modes of operation. VIS is efficient against optical systems and naked eye detection. NIR protects against night vision detection while TIR reduces up to 85% thermal projection. RADAR suppresses the radar waves to 20 db. The camouflage cover is durable and resistant to tearing. It has very low mass (3g per square meter) so it can be easily mounted onto the vehicles.

This mobile camouflage is already in use by Finland`s Army and is utilized on 106 BMP-2MD personnel carries. The contract with Fins was signed in June 2016 and was worth PLN 4,5 million (EUR 1,06 million)

Polish army uses the camouflage nets Berberys and Berberys-S, produced by Miranda. These are intended for stationary objects and for mobile objects when stationary. At the same time, the Armament Inspectorate is analysing the possibilities of purchase of the multi-spectral camouflage. The decision should be reached in 2018.

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