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VisionMaster FP radars for Polish Navy

Polish Inspektorat Uzbrojenia Ministerstwa Obrony Narodowej (IU MON – Ministry of Defence Armament Inspectorate) commenced negotiations with the Else Technical and Research Service. The dialogue concerns restarting of deliveries of VisionMaster FT radars for Polish Navy.

VisionMaster FT operator has access to a high-resolution panoramic screen which presents a 360-degrees view from 2 independent radars.

Sole-source contract negotiations pertaining to the procurement of 33 VisionMaster FT navigational radars developed by Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine.  Else Technical and Research Service is the Polish representative of the American company. Mentioned radars are a variant of BridgeMaster E and C series, already utilized by Polish Navy on naval and support vessels for 25 years.

Polish Navy is currently using 17 sets of VisionMaster FT radars. / Photos: Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine.

IU MON decided not to use standard procurement procedures for this tender as Polish Navy is currently using 110 BridgeMaster C and E series radars, as well as 17 VisionMasters` FT. Procurement of different system would result in compatibility issues and difficulties in utilization, upkeep and training. Navy`s training centre (Warsztaty Techniki Morskiej Gdynia) possesses only BridgeMaster simulators, which interface is similar to VisionMaster FT model.

Between 2008 and 2010 spare part kits (Interchangeable between BridgeMaster and VisionMaster) were purchased at the expense of PLN 4 million (EUR 938.000). Additionally, in 2011, five of VisionMaster FT units were ordered in various configurations. In 2014 – 2015 period, further 11 radars were procured, together with spare parts. Described radars operating period is 15 years.

VisionMaster`s FT operator uses a high-definition panoramic screen which provides a 360-degrees view from 2 independent radars. This eliminates blind spots, increases detection efficiency and situational awareness. The device can track up to 100 radars and AIS objects, which are displayed on a multi-layer map.

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