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815 Patriot MATMMV 4х4 Trials

Czech-based Excalibur Army informed on the 8th of May 2018 that field trials of the high-mobility, armoured 815 Patriot MATMMV 4x4 vehicle had started. It`s important to mention, that the newly codenamed vehicle was in fact presented at the last year`s MSPO under the Husar 4x4 designation. The vehicle was developed jointly with H. Cegielski-Poznan (HCP) and is destined for Kleszcz (Tick) and Pegaz (Pegasus) programmes (H.Cegielski-Poznan returns to arms industry, 2017-09-14).

815 Patriot MATMMV 4х4 (on the right) as HCP Husar 4x4 unveiled at XXV Międzynarodowy Salon Przemysłu Obronnego (MSPO) 2017 in Kielce. /Photos: Wojciech Lelek

Current factory trials involve the Medium Armored Tactical Multi-Mission Vehicle, MATMMV. The vehicle was given the 815 Patriot designation. Development was completed by Excalibur Army and with their own budget. Excalibur Army is a part of Czechoslovak Group. It`s no secret that the described vehicle was premiered at last year`s MSPO under the HCP Husar 4x4 name.

Patriot is based on Tatra Force 4x4 chassis (manufactured by Tatra Defence Vehicle) and fulfils all  NATO regulations for operation in extreme climate conditions (-39 to +49 degrees Celsius). In its base variant, Patriot is capable of transporting 6 people with equipment and provides CBRN protection. Ballistic protection is at level 3 NIJ. Thanks to patented Kitted Hull Concept, grenade and mine blast protection level is 2A/2B according to STANAG 4569.

All-wheel drive is integrated with the unique central load-carrying tube and fully independent coil suspension. This provides very good driving capabilities, comfort, and lessens the utilization costs. The vehicle can easily be modified to serve in reconnaissance, command or medevac roles.

815 Patriot is 5,6 long, 2,55 m wide and 2,7 m tall. Wheel track is 2,11 at the rear and 2,115 at the front. The vehicle uses 14.00 R20 tires and the undercarriage clearance is 39 cm. Dry weight is 11,9 tons while the combat weight can reach up to 13,5 to 15 tons.

The powertrain is the diesel, 6-cylinder, 6700 cc, liquid-cooled Cummins ISB engine. It develops 285 BHP (210 kW). The drivetrain is based on 7-speed, automatic Allison 3200SP gearbox and Tatra transfer case. The vehicle is capable of reaching 130 km/h (on a surfaced road) and has a maximum range of 500 km (on road) or 300 km (cross-country). Fuel tank`s capacity is 150 litres. Patriot can cross vertical obstacles up to 50 cm high and trenches up to 90 cm wide. Wading depth is 1,2 m.

Armament may consist of remotely operated modules or manned turrets, equipped with 7,62-mm/12,7-mm machine guns or 40-mm grenade launcher. The tested vehicle is equipped with remotely operated Gladius 12 . Additional armament can be installed on the vehicle`s sides. MATMMV can also be integrated with an auto-cannon turret or any weapon system under 3 tons.

815 Patriot MATMMV 4x4, designated as Husar 4x4, is offered for Pegaz programme (multi-mission special forces vehicle) and for LOTR/Kleszcz programme (light, armoured reconnaissance troop carrier). If chosen, the vehicle would be manufactured by HCP in Poznan.

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