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Beretta PMX-D7

At IDEF expo in Istambul, Beretta`s representatives informed MILMAG, that company will unveil its new weapon at the DSEI in September. The PMX-D7 submachine gun in 9x19mm will be of classic design with a magazine located in front of the pistol grip.

The first, bad quality photos of the PMX-D7 submachine gun tested by Carabinieri in January 2017. Weapon`s premiere will be at DSEI Show in London / Photos: Jollyroger, App Puntato

Weapon`s name, PMX-D7, derives from the name of current commanding officer of Carabinieri – general Tullio Dei Sette (‘Sette’ means 'seven'). Submachine gun development was commissioned by Arma dei Carabinieri and it will replace another Beretta`s construction from 1950s - the Beretta M12S/S-2 submachine gun.

Interestingly, PMX-D7`s design wasn`t unassisted. Besides Beretta, Swiss B&T small arms manufacturer is involved in the new weapon construction. It`s based on B&T P26 model, which premiered in 2015. One of the Carabinieri requirements was that it`s operation should be as similar to currently utilized M12S/S-2, as possible. PMX-D7s rapid development was also a result of Italian Police purchase of German made H&K UMP9 submachine guns.

Beretta admits that their new design is based on Swiss-made B&T P26 / Photo: Remigiusz Wilk

PMX-D7 is a submachine gun chambered in 9x19mm. It has polymer upper and lower receiver (not identical to B&T P26) and is equipped with a folding stock (it fold to the right). Top part of the upper receiver is equipped with an integral Picatinny rail, while it`s sides has two mounting points, compatible with additional shorter rails. Another rail, embedded into front part of the lower receiver serves as a fixing point for the front grip. PMX-D7 is fed by transparent, polymer magazines holding 15, 20, 25 or 30 rounds.

Double sided fire selector is merged with the safety and can be comfortably operated with a thumb. Magazine release is also placed on both sides of the weapon and can be reached with index finger while the hand rests on the pistol grip. Charging lever can be relocated to either side of the gun, depending on user preferences. Shell casings are always ejected to the right. Upper receiver has a small opening where the cocking handle travels. Bolt catch is located on the left side, above magazine well. It stops the bolt in the rearmost position.

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