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Black Hawk helicopters for Polish Police

Contract for the delivery of two S-70i Black Hawk multipurpose helicopters for Polish Police was signed on May 30, at the headquarters of Polish Aviation Works Mielec (belonging to Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation). The vehicles will be used by Bureau Of Counter-Terrorist Operations for operational purposes and will replace previously used Mi-8.

Signing of the contract for the delivery of two S-70i Black Hawk helicopters to Police. Contract includes training for pilots, technicians and servicing. S-70i will be delivered before the end of 2018. /Photo: MSWiA

In addition to helicopters, the contract worth over PLN 140 million  (USD 38 million) includes training courses for pilots and technicians, and the servicing required by the Black Hawks. S-70i will be delivered before the end of 2018. Training courses for the selected pilots and technicians will be started in the middle of the year.

Polish police currently maintains 11 helicopters: two medium Mil Mi-8 transport helicopters, three light multipurpose PZL W-3 Sokół (Falcon), one multipurpose Bell 412B-HP, two light multipurpose Bell 206B-III Jet Ranger, and three light multipurpose PZL Mi-2.

Helicopters are spread between six bases: Department Of Aerial Operations of Police Air Force Management in Warszawa (2 Mi-8, 2 W-3, Bell 206, and Bell 412), and five landing sites belonging to Voivodeship Police Headquarters in Kraków (W-3), Wrocław (Mi-2), Szczecin (Mi-2), Poznań (Mi-2), and Łódź (Bell 206). The oldest helicopter currently used by police was build in 1971, the youngest one in 2005.

In addition to two medium multipurpose S-70i Black Hawks contracted for Bureau Of Counter-terrorist Operations, Police intends to purchase three more single-engine helicopters this year, to replace Mi-2. The first call for bids was canceled due to prices, inflated by short delivery times.

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