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Anti-drone system for Polish Police

On May 23rd, 2018, Main Police Headquarters (KGP) announced intent to purchase an anti-drone system designed for neutralization of small unmanned aerial vehicles. Department of Public Procurement And Support Funds KGP is waiting for offers from potential contractors until June 19th, 2018. The deliveries should take place within three months after signing of the contract.

Kinetic systems can utilize nets to catch unmanned aerial vehicles and shooting down other unmanned devices. Such solution is used by Tokyo Metropolitan Department Police, with 2 x 3 m webbing. /Photo: Delft Dynamics

There are four criteria involved: price (60%), night operation capability (20%), full equipment flight time of 30 minutes (10%), and HD 720p or better image transfer (10%).

Another condition for the contractor is delivery of 5–8 or more test models of unmanned aerial vehicles for special purposes with a unit price of PLN 120 thousand. Purchaser also requested a security deposit of 15 thousand złoty.

Preferred system should utilize kinetic methods of interception, which in practice means using unmanned aerial vehicle designed to neutralize other unmanned devices. It should be a device with takeoff weight of 25 kg or less, with at least four arms and four power units. Also, the system should be able to operate in all weather conditions appearing in Poland, and it should be equipped with a 5 kg detection module. The system should detect, intercept, and deliver captured UAV to location designated by the user.

Similar technological solution to neutralize unmanned aerial vehicles is also sought by Armament Inspectorate of Polish Armed Forces as a part of Nida program.

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