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Eurosatory 2018: Dino 519 Premiere

During the Eurosatory show, Polish company Concept together with Polski Holding Obronny and Oberaigner presents their Dino and Wirus vehicles. Wirus is destined for special forces and reconnaissance tasks while Dino fulfils the more general role with the Army. The newest Dino 519 will have its world premiere at the Paris show.

Dino 519 has a new, 4-door cabin which can accommodate driver and 4 passengers /Photos: Team Concept

The main difference of the armored LTMPAV Dino 519 is the body. It has a 4-door, double-cabin with seats for a driver and 4 passengers. The vehicle is based on a monocoque design and made from ceramic-composite materials to Level I ballistic protection of STANAG 4569 Annex A norm. Container, platform or a loading crate can be placed in the rear of the vehicle.

Dino has been entered into proceeding of Polish Mustang program concerning procurement of vehicles for the Polish Army. 4th generation Wirus vehicles were ordered by the Polish armed forces as a part of the Zmija (Viper) program for the long-range reconnaissance tasks. The contract for delivery of Wirus`es was signed at the 2017 MSPO and the vehicles are to reach the army units in 2020.

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