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Eurosatory 2018: Rheinmetall LifeSaver

During the Eurosatory trade show, Rheinmetall presented the new ballistic protection system for civilians. It consists of two plates and an integral harness and is suppose to provide protection even against steel-cored 7,62x39 mm PS rounds.

LifeSaver is a ballistic protection vest for civilian users. It consists of 2 plates, protects against bullets and should facilitate safe evacuation during, for example, terrorists attacks. /Graphics: Rheinmetall

LifeSaver weights 6,3 kg. Front and back strike plates protect the wearer`s vital organs. Despite low weight, it protects against bullets and knives according to VPAM-6 standard. Plates are located in the same manner as in the plate carriers used by military and other force departments. To simplify the design, straps are weaved through dedicated openings. This allows for ease of operation, even in high-stress situations, by untrained persons.

Rheinmetall product has been developed in response to repeating terrorist attacks in Europe and USA. Protection level has been chosen to withstand strikes of 7,62x39 mm military ammunition - the most commonly used round in such attacks when the perpetrators are usually armed with AK-style weapons. The look of the LifeSaver differs from military ballistic vests on purpose. This product is destined mainly for civilian users. It`s supposed to save lives and allow for evacuation in case of surprise attacks in public spaces or private homes.

LifeSaver debuted at the 2018 ShotShow and right away became popular with airport staff, local governments, schools and even peaked the interest of National Rifle Association. The vest is currently available for purchase in the USA and Rheinmetall plans to introduce it in other countries.

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