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AR-15 from Radom premiere

On the 8th of June 2018, MILMAG Military Magazine had a chance to witness the launch of the Polish AR-15 clones family. Firearms are produced by Radom-based Pioneer Arms Corp. (PAC) factory, known from the AK From Radom project.

On Friday the 8th of June, at the FSO shooting range in Warsaw, a media day event took place. Representatives of Polish firearms media were presented with the family of AR clones produced under the name AR From Radom (ARFR, PAC-15). The event was tied to the opening of the company`s office in Warsaw.

PAC-15 rifles will be sold in 5 variants, with barrel lenghts of 267, 368, 406, 457, 508 mm (10,5-, 14,5-, 16-, 18- and 20-inch). First 4 have the polymer, adjustable butt-stocks and Aero Precision light, aluminium handguards compatible with M-Lok system. These are the only parts of the new gun which are not produced by PAC. Everything else including pistol grips, A2 flash hiders and other elements of the rifle are made entirely in Poland.

Every interested person was able to see and try the Radom`s AR-15s at the FSO range on the 9th and 10th of July.

The 5th model, PAC-15 Classic, is a replica of M16A4 and comes equipped with a fixed butt-stock, polymer handguard, fixed sight base/gas block and characteristic carry handle. This firearm is meant mostly for collectors (AR from Radom, 2018-02-23).

The 10,5-inch SBR variant surprised us with a low recoil, muzzle rise despite of the very low weight (2,7 kg).

Every weapon from the ARFR family has the military, 178 mm (1:7) twist rate which copes well with heavier projectiles but still works fine with typical 55 gr (3,56 g) sporting ammunition. Rifles are gas-operated (D.I.) with the exhaust port located on the top of the barrel. Thin gas tube directs the gases to the bolt carrier. The rear-inner wall of the carrier serves as a gas piston. PAC-15s are delivered with a single, 30-rounds steel magazine.

During the media day, 1200 rounds were fired from 4 rifles. S&B and GGG ammunition was used and there were no malfunctions. /Photos and film: Paweł Ścibiorek - MILMAG

It`s worth noting that all the variants are equipped with a .223 Wylde chamber compatible with .223 Remington and 5,56x45 mm NATO ammunition. Lenght and mass of the firearms are 710 mm and 2,7 kg, 860 mm and 2,9 kg, 880 mm and 3 kg, 920 mm and 3,1kg. The M16A4 variant is 1010 mm long and weighs 3,4 kg. Current price for all models is set as PLN 4299 (EUR 1007). A small rise in the M16A4 variant is expected. It looks like the PAC-15s will be a strong competition to imported AR-15 clones on the Polish market.

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