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  • Slovakia chooses Spike LR2 ATGM, 05.03.2020

    Slovak Ministry of Defence has signed a contract with Eurospike for the supply of the 5th generation SPIKE LR2 ATGM and dismounted ICLU launchers.

  • Diving scooters for Formoza, 27.11.2019

    Poland's Formoza naval special unit purchased Rotinor Black Shadow 730 (SBS 730) diving scooters. Additional 10 scooters for scuba divers are planned to purchase by the end of 2019.

  • MSPO2019: Rafael reveals plans for Polish air defence, 07.09.2019

    An interview with Pini Yungman, Executive Vice President and General Manager in Air & Missile Defense Systems Division of RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems.

  • MSPO2019: Boeing's offer for Poland, 05.09.2019

    During MSPO 2019 Boeing provides two rotorcrafts which might be offered for Polish Air Force. According to Boeing officials, both AH-64E and CH-47 might be a complex, tailored solution.

  • MSPO2019: Improved PZL-130 Orlik premiere, 03.09.2019

    Interview with Manuel Heredia Ortiz, CEO of Airbus Poland about recent improvements on PZL-130 Orlik trainer aircraft.

  • IWA2019: SIG Sauer Ballistic Data Exchange, 09.03.2019

    During IWA 2019 exhibition, SIG Sauer Electro-optics presented their BDX (Ballistic Data Exchange) system which connects the scope and range finder with a dedicated smartphone application.

  • WARMATE`s from WB GROUP for Australia, 28.02.2019

    During the Australian Avalon Air Show, WB GROUP signed a contract with Australian Cablex company. The contract concerns local distribution and integration of the WARMATE loitering munitions system.

  • Another PIAP robots for Africa, 16.02.2019

    In the first quarter of 2019, Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements PIAP completed deliveries of their PIAP GRYF, EXPERT, and TRM robots for West African police.

  • C295M and PZL-130 maintenance contracts, 28.01.2019

    Two contracts, concerning maintenance of the C295M and PZL-130 airplanes, were signed in the 3rd Regional Logistics Base in Cracow. They were concluded for the period 2019–2022.

  • Kahles HELIA and K318i for lefties, 15.01.2019

    Kahles presented their HELIA Red Dot sight and K318i scope for left-handed users.

  • Boeing reveals offset plans for Poland, 08.12.2018

    During a press briefing for invited media, Boeing`s representatives revealed offset plans connected with a potential purchase of AH-64 strike helicopters by Poland.

  • MSPO 2018: MBDA aims for Narew, 12.09.2018

    During the MSPO show, MBDA consortium presented their offer for the short-range anti-air CAMM system.

  • MSPO 2018: Eurofighter for Harpia programme?, 12.09.2018

    During the 26th International Defence Industry Exhibition MSPO, Eurofighter consortium presented their offer for a multi-mission new generation airplane for the Polish Air Force.

  • MSPO 2018: PGZ and Boeing agreement, 05.09.2018

    An agreement between Boeing and Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa was signed during the first day of the MSPO exhibition. It concerns cooperation in regards to Kruk (Crow) programme.

  • Planes for Border Guard, 06.07.2018

    Financial Bureau of Polish Border Guard HQ chosen the supplier in the program for procurement of 2 multi-engine aircraft for Border Guard Airforce.

  • Baltops 2018 Exercise, 12.06.2018

    Baltops exercise is taking place on the Baltic Sea. Forty-three ships and 60 aeroplanes represent 16 countries. It`s the biggest sea exercise to happen by the Polish shores in 2018.

  • Offset agreement signed for Wisla programme, 23.03.2018

    Polish Ministry of National Defence signed the offset agreement concerning Poland's procurement programme of the Patriot anti-aircraft systems.

  • IWA2018: Delta Optical Stryker premiere, 14.03.2018

    A line of Stryker HD scopes was presented by Delta Optical at the IWA2018 show. The line consists of 4,5-30x56 and 5-50x56 models, equipped with high-resolution glass optical elements.

  • ET2018: Schmidt & Bender 1-8x24 PM II, 09.03.2018

    8x24 PM II Shortdot Dual CC scope was presented by Schmidt & Bender at the EnforceTac.

  • ET2018: Kahles K525i scope premiere, 08.03.2018

    Kahles presented their new K525i 5-25x46 optical scope during EnforceTac trade show. The scope is destined for long-range shooting and is fully ambidextrous.

  • SOP Inauguration, 01.02.2018

    Sluzba Ochrony Panstwa takes over the responsibilities of Biuro Ochrony Rzadu. The new service will be larger and able to undertake wider variety of tasks such as VIP protection and securing state-owned facilities.

  • Schmidt & Bender retail strategy change, 13.09.2017

    German manufacturer reorganizes their Polish sales network.

  • MSPO17: Patrol Charger +, 07.09.2017

    During MSPO Mactronic presents a new torch with holder/charger system.

  • MSPO17: QBiTT for cyberspace, 06.09.2017

    Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa, together with Exatel S.A. Created QbiTT company. The new entity will be responsible for providing cybersecurity solutions for Armed Forces.

  • MSPO17: Awards for Veterans, 05.09.2017

    Polish veterans were awarded during Polish-American ceremony at MSPO.

  • New radar for Patriots, 01.09.2017

    Lockheed Martin presents a new AESA radar

  • Russian – Chinese exercises on Baltic Sea, 28.07.2017

    Joint Russian – Chinese exercises were held on Baltic Sea

  • Will Trump bring Patriots?, 15.07.2017

    Polish MOD started negotiations with the US to acquire Patriot missile systems.

  • Special Forces in cyberspace, 26.05.2017

    Cyberspace – opportunities, threats, challenges for Special Forces debate took place on 23rd of May as a part of tenth anniversary of Polish Special Forces. MILMAG was the only media invited to attend.

  • Choice of USSOCOM – KeyMod or M-LOK, 09.05.2017

USSOCOM commissioned a comparison trials between KeyMod an M-LOK handguard systems.

  • Phone for a spy, 28.04.2017

    MIB Electronics – German manufacturer specializing in covert observation equipment, presented their offer on Europoltech trade show in Gdansk. It was the first time when MIB presented their products in Poland.

  • Cyber Protector, 28.04.2017

    DGT Cyber Protector is a software package designed to minimize risk of communication crash as a result of hacking attacks, targeting IP-based protocols.


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