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  • Kahles HELIA and K318i for lefties, 15.01.2019

    Kahles presented their HELIA Red Dot sight and K318i scope for left-handed users.

  • Firearms United Conference, 08.01.2019

    Firearms United Network conference, together with a presentation of Lewis Machine &Tool firearms, took place on the 5th of January 2019.

  • MSPO 2018: New products from Maskpol, 11.09.2018

    At this year`s MSPO PSO Maskpol presented 3 new patterns for the MAPA camouflage, together with some tactical equipment showcasing the company`s production capabilities.

  • Eurosatory 2018: Aimpoint Acro P-1, 13.06.2018

    Aimpoint showed their new Acro P-1 mini RDS at the Eurosatory show in Paris.

  • AR-15 from Radom premiere, 11.06.2018

    The premiere of Polish AR-15 clones took place on the 8th of June. Firearms are made by Radom-based Pioneer Arms Corp. as a part of AR From Radom project.

  • BUOS as Danel Defense distributor for Europe, 20.03.2018

    Warsaw-based BUOS became the exclusive distributor of American Daniel Defense for Europe.

  • IWA2018: Guard Trooper flashlights for LE, 10.03.2018

    Eurolamp company presented their unusual flashlights at the IWA 2018 show. Flashlights were developed for law enforcement.

  • 60-round PUFGUN magazines, 15.02.2018

    Russian PUFGUN introduced 60-round magazines for AK-system firearms into their offer.

  • D&ST2017: Emtan Karmiel new models , 06.11.2017

    At Defense & Security Thailand exhibition, Emtan Karmiel presented 3 new assault rifles based on the AR-15/M16 design.

  • MARCO chemlight dispenser, 06.10.2017

    Blue Force Gear MARCO hits the shelves. It's a dispenser of small chemlights designed to speed up the marking of cleared rooms in low light conditions.

  • 3D printed DD Wave suppressor, 26.09.2017

    Daniel Defense introduced a new DD Wave sound suppressor to their offer. It`s monolithic case and baffles are made using additive manufacturing technology.

  • MSPO17: Hoverbike, 09.09.2017

    During MSPO rather unusual vehicle was presented. The Hoverbike, vehicle inspired by Frank Piasecki Airgeep.


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