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  • PAC9, PAC911 and PAC-9 CC unveiled, 15.02.2019

    PAC9, PAC911 semi-automatic pistols and PAC-9 CC pistol caliber carabine debuted at the shooting and hunting expo in Poznan.

  • Police choice of grenade launchers, 03.01.2019

    Polish Police headquarters disclosed information obtained from offerors in relation to the procurement of the 200 of 40 mm revolver grenade launchers.

  • Vis 100 pistol for Polish Armed Forces, 05.12.2018

    A three-year contract was signed between Polish Ministry of Defence and Fabryka Broni Łucznik-Radom. It concerns delivery of 20.000 Vis 100 pistols for Territorial Defence Forces, Army, Air Force and Navy.

  • New Vis for independence centennial, 29.11.2018

    Fabryka Broni is starting to sell a modern version of 9-mm, semi-automatic wz. 35 Vis pistols. These weapons are manufactured to commemorate the anniversary of Poland`s regaining of independence.

  • MSPO 2018: DCM-1 Szafir modified, 13.09.2018

    DCM-1 Szafir scope, modified according to requirements of Polish Territorial Defence Force, was presented at the MSPO exhibition.

  • Leo2PL tests completed, 17.06.2018

    Rheinmetall finished the factory trials of the Leopard 2PL tank prototype. Vehicle is to reach Poland for further testing after the 18th if June.

  • P-10C for Border Guards?, 31.05.2018

    Polish Border Guard published an information regarding offers on 2200 semi-automatic pistols.

  • PAC-15 premiere in May, 25.04.2018

    PAC-15 semi-automatic rifles from Radom-based Pioneer Arms Corp. will reach the Polish market in the second half of May.

  • Switzerland tests Fly Eye, 20.04.2018

    Swiss land forces are testing unmanned aerial vehicles. Polish Fly Eye is one of the candidates

  • It's here - Grot S16 FB-M1, 05.04.2018

    Fabryka Broni finished the first production run of 5,56-mm, Grot S16 FB-M1. Rifles are destined for the civilian market and will be available via distributors around the middle of April.

  • MSBS-R for the Polish Police, 21.03.2018

    Polish Police HQ announced a tender for supply of 5,56-mm MSBS-R carabines. The MSBS-R is a ceremonial variant of the firearm and would be used by Police Honor Guard.

  • Poland's Police to purchase APCs, 14.03.2018

    Polish Police announced their plans for acquiring Armored Personnel Carriers for their riot-control and counter-terror specialized units.

  • AR from Radom, 23.02.2018

    In 2018, Radom-based Pioneer Arms Corp. is going to introduce AR-15-based family of firearms destined for civilian market.

  • Semi-automatic Grot S in 2018, 26.12.2017

    Radom Arms Factory "Archer" confirmed semi-auto MSBS-5,56K/Grot C16 rifles in the Q1 of 2018.

  • Mini Beryls for Border Guard, 19.12.2017

    On the 22nd of December, Polish Straz Graniczna (Border Guard) will accept this year's last delivery of wz. 96C Mini Beryl subcarabines from Fabryka Broni.

  • Vis comeback in 2018, 19.12.2017

    The historic wz. 35 Vis, 9-mm pistols, will return to Fabryka Broni offer in the second half of 2018.

  • First display of LMP-2017, 19.12.2017

    Restricted presentation of the new Polish LMP-2017 commando mortar was carried out on the 15th of December 2017.

  • G95 for German commandos, 12.10.2017

    A new weapon has been chosen for the German special forces. The 5,56-mm G95 carbine will replace the G36K used by KSK and KSM commandos.

  • DSEI17: Sensing Armour premiere, 15.09.2017

    Ballistic plates equipped with damage check sensors system were presented by Rheinmetall at London`s DSEI.

  • MSPO17: Grot for WOT, 10.09.2017

    Four year contract for 53,000 of Grot CF-16FB-M1 assault rifles was signed at the MSPO.

  • MSPO17: ZMT SKW338 and SKW308 , 07.09.2017

    Two new semi-automatic designated marksman rifles were unveiled by ZMT at MSPO. The SKW338 is chambered in 8.6x70 mm and SKW308 fires 7.62x51 mm ammunition.

  • MSBS-5,56 new name, 05.09.2017

    New name for MSBS-5,56 modular weapon system will be revealed by Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa (PGZ) at Miedzynarodowy Salon Przemysłu Zbrojeniowego (MSPO) in Kielce

  • MSPO17: The return of M-81 mortar, 05.09.2017

    During MSPO in Kielce 81-mm mortar will be displayed. Weapon will be offered by ZMT Tarnow to foreign customers.


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